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Bight Puzzles HD 1.8.7 is now available PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ivan Fernandes   
Saturday, 30 July 2011 08:51

Dear Bright Puzzles HD users,

The new update of Bright Puzzles HD was approved by Apple's App Store yesterday. This update should fix the issues some users found on last update.

The major changes include:

  • A smaller app (from 700 Mb to 35 Mb);
  • All packages being downloaded from internet;
  • Your iPad will have only the packages your bought, saving space on your device;
  • Packages now will be deployed without new updates, so take a look at the "Add new packages" screen for new packages;

So, if you had problems with the last update, please update your Bright Puzzles HD again, with this new update (1.8.7).

If you are missing some packages you already bought, including "Add your photos", please go to "Add new packages" screen and buy the packages again. Apple's App Store will check if you already bought the packages and will download them for free.

If you are still facing issues, even with the new version, you can try to fix it by removing the app and installing it again. The sad side of this approach is that you will loose the achievements info (the checkmarks on the puzzles you already did).

If nothing helped, please send me an email. I'll try to help fix any issues.

And please note that as the app evolves, will be difficult to maintain support for older versions of iPads Operational System (iOS). So, if you are still using iOS 3.2, please consider upgrading your iOS to iOS 4. It works amazingly well in original iPads.

Thank you very much for using Bright Puzzles HD and thanks to everyone that send me emails for being so comprehensive and kindness.


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