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Written by Ivan Fernandes   
Tuesday, 11 August 2009 20:23


Bright Puzzles: Fruits

Fruits is a jigsaw puzzle designed for kids starting 2 years old that follows the same structure of it's other brothers, Puppies and Wild Animals.


Kids can choose between three different levels  (9, 16 or 25 pieces) and the fruit they want to play from 20 different pictures of delicious fruits, including banana, strawberry, kiwis, raspberries and many others.


Fruits will also show the number of movements and the playing time, allowing kids to have even more fun.


To play with Fruits kids just drag the piece from the top of the screen to some place on the assemble area and drop it. If the piece is in the right place, Fruits will place a nice cheers sound and will lock the piece. Otherwise kids will hear some kids making a sad sound and the piece will continue free to move.



Fruits guides kids through the correct areas using an invisible grid, making the puzzle more enjoyable and alloying even small kids, under 4 years old, to have fun finishing the picture.



And now when you finish the puzzle, the Fruit name will appear in English, Spanish and Portuguese!


* Tested with my own kids, Gabriela, a  3 year old girl, and Isabela, a 6 year old girl.

Bright Puzzles: Fruits Bright Puzzles: Fruits


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